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Q1. Basal cell carcinoma types include

Q 2. Basal cell carcinomas

Q 3. Minimum excision margin for Clark 2, Breslow 0.8 mm melanoma

Q 4. The colour of a melanoma is

Q 5. Risk factors for SCC metastases do not include

Q 6. You can treat a nodular BCC by

Q 7. Imiquimod can be used to treat

Q 8. Supraorbital nerve distribution includes

Q 9. Photodynamic therapy requires

Q 10. Sentinel node biopsy for melanoma

Q 11. Lentigo maligna is

Q 12. Verruca vulgaris is

Q 13. 5 Flurouracil topical is indicated for

Q 14. Surgical excision is not required for

Q 15. Curettage can be used for

Q 16. Local anaesthetic agents include

Q 17. Quality dermoscopy requires

Q 18. Acral melanoma can grow

Q 19. Mohs surgery is ideal for

Q 20. The following is not an infection

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