Skin cancer surgery on referral

Professor Dixon's professional background

Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae                               20 December, 2014


Name                             Professor Anthony Joseph Dixon                 

Occupation                     Melanoma and complex skin cancer on referral only     


Employer                        A. J. Dixon Pty Ltd (ACN Number 006 688 740)

URL                              Email


Date Of Birth                  03 / 08 / '59                              Sex             Male


Dependants                    Married (Mary).                        Two children    Zoe (born 1996) & Emma (1997)


Home address                1101 / 5 Caravel Lane, Docklands    Provider No. 436179A


Telephone                      61 427 62 4060 mobile             Principal practice address:                                     

                                      61 3 5243 4323 fax                   Skincanceronly

                                      61 3 5244 5100 work                66 Roslyn Rd, Belmont, Victoria, Australia. 3216


Qualifications                 M.B.,B.S.. University of Melbourne               1982

                                      PhD    Bond University 2009

                                      Honorary Dermatology degree AOCD          2012

                                      Fellow Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine             2006

                                      Fellow Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine        1999

                                      Dip R. A. C. O. G.  1986          

                                      M. R. A. C. G. P.    1991

                                      Certificate of completion Level “B” rural General Surgery        1996


Membership / activities:               

Honorary Professor, American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

Founder, Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine

Founder, Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology

Foundation member of Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine

Member of Australian Medical Association (AMA)

Member of Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA)

Member of American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

Life member of Florida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons

Former Victorian Vice President of AMA until 1997

Former Victorian and Australian Vice President of RDAA until 1994

Member of AMA “Skin reference group” – from 1993 until April 2007.

Senior Lecturer (skin cancer) University of Queensland 2005 / 2006

Former Associate Professor Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland 2007 - 2010


Positions since graduation:

1983 - 1984                    Austin Hospital – Intern / Junior Resident positions


1985                               12 month course in Obstetrics for Dip. RACOG – Bendigo Base Hospital


1986 / 1987                    Surgery at Bendigo Base Hospital


1988                               General Practice in Heathcote, central Victoria.


1989 - 1993                    Surgical practice in a partnership in Leongatha, Victoria. Full spectrum of rural surgical workload, with a predominance of skin cancer management.


1994 - 1995                    Surgical registrar, Griffith Base Hospital, Griffith NSW. Resulted in satisfactory completion of training of rural Level “B” Surgery. Program endorsed by the RACGP, RACS and ACRRM.


1996 - 1997                    General Surgery as a partner in Leongatha Medical Group. – skin cancer predominating


1998 – 2000                   General Surgery as Partner with Naracoorte Medical Centre. Broader General Surgical work comprised around 20% of workload, Obstetrics (LUSCS) 10% of workload, Skin Cancer Surgery 70% of workload


2001 – present               Solo practice - full time skin cancer surgery / research / education


Publications / Research:


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