Skin cancer surgery on referral

Dr. Dixon's favourite recreations

Motorcycles, scuba diving, baseball and the beach

 Life is more than just skin surgery, research and teaching. 

Professor Dixon's favourite past time is riding his motorbike.
He has a red VFR 1200 which is often winding its way around the bends of the Great Ocean Road south of Geelong on a Sunday morning. He will take any chance to ride a two wheeled machine. He even commutes to work by motor scooter. In December Anthony does a road trip on the bike with a group of like minded riders.
Anthony also loves SCUBA diving. Australia has the world famous Great Barrier Reef, a wonderful site to explore at depth. Dr. Dixon is frequently hosting postgraduate education in North Queensland. A trip to North Queensland to teach is often capped by a trip to the Barrier Reef to enjoy the array of colourful fish, coral and sharks.
In winter, the snow calls. Dr. Dixon enjoys down hill skiing. His favourite mountain is Mt. Hotham in the Victorian alps. Hotham offers a large array of 'black' slopes to satisfy any recreational ski love. More recently, Dr. Dixon enjoys a ski in Wanaka in New Zealand each year. 
Professor Dixon has obviously spent to much time in USA because he has become a devoted fan of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. He follows their every game. Evening games in USA equate to mornings in Australia. The coverage from Busch stadium can often be heard in the Skincanceronly operating room during skin cancer procedures.
In his younger days, Dr. Dixon spent many a summer day surfing the Victorian coast. Fairhaven beach was the usual draw. This surf beach is 30 minutes drive from Geelong. Now many of his surfing mates then are attending to have their skin cancers removed. A timely reminder that we are all vulnerable and that the Aussie beach summer has produced not only much pleasure but also much later pain.