Skin cancer surgery on referral

About Dr. Dixon

Tell me about Professor Dixon's background?

 Professor Anthony Dixon graduated Medical School from The University of Melbourne in 1982.

His interest in skin cancer dates from his junior resident days in 1983/4/5. An ophthalmologist with a special interest in skin cancer on the eyelids taught Dr. Dixon the beginnings of management of skin cancer and the complexity of its treatment. His first experiences and training involved eyelid and nose skin cancers. His training and experience was launched from this early start.
He has a particular interest in large and/or difficult tumours in awkward areas of the face. A host of repair and reconstruction techniques are employed to close defects remaining after skin cancers are excised.
From a rural surgical background, now Dr. Dixon is exclusively focused on this important sub specialty area. It had been described as the area where dermatology and plastic surgery merge.
Dr. Dixon does not manage rashes or other skin diseases. Further, he does not undertake any procedures for purely cosmetic / aesthetic reasons. Dr. Dixon is focused on skin cancer treatment including returning the skin site to its best possible appearance and function after removal of the tumour.
Prof. Dixon is involved in advanced post graduate skin cancer management training. He runs comprehensive training programs to assist doctors in their skills managing skin cancer. He is also involved in cutting edge research in skin cancer management. In particular, Dr. Dixon is involved in progressing new techniques in reconstruction following tumour excision.
His PhD studies pertained to research on the complications of skin cancer surgery and their risk factors.
These original studies have been published in the major international journals, including the British Journal of Surgery, Dermatologic Surgery, British Journal of Dermatology, British Medical Journal, Journal of American Academy of Dermatology and the Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Read more of Professor's Dixon's research here.
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 Anthony Dixon enjoys motorbike riding, bush walking and scuba diving.
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