Skin cancer surgery on referral

Work related skin cancers

Can I bill my treatment straight to Workcover insurance?

Almost all skin cancers are caused by the sun. Patients are exposed to the sun in the course of all outdoor activity, whether it be at work or otherwise. Invariably, exposure outside of work hours has contributed to a patients sun exposure and as such their risk of skin cancer.


Further, it is well established that sun exposure during childhood and adolescence contributes significantly to the risk of skin cancer. Indeed this early exposure is one of the greatest risks to developing many skin cancers years later. 

For this reason, claims that work exposure caused a skin cancer are almost always subject to conjecture and often fail.

We therefore do not accept patients with a view to charging Workcover or the employer directly.

Some patients believe they may have a claim regarding their skin cancer being caused predominantly through work exposure to the sun.

They are welcome to subsequently pursue that claim with their Workcover insurer or employer.

However, by accepting treatment at Skincanceronly, patients are agreeing to pay our accounts in person on the day off attendance.