Skin cancer surgery on referral

Exceptions to fee schedule

There are several important exceptions to our fee schedule

Dressings – charge for consumables
A fee of $12 applies to pay for the consumables to have a dressing applied to a wound other than the dressing applied at the time of the operation. This applies to all patients including pensioners and veterans affairs patients. This fee was introduced in January 2012 when a Medicare fee for dressings was withdrawn. 
Missed / cancelled appointments
In the event that a patient cancels with insufficient notice, another appointment will not be rescheduled until a $200 advance payment is made. This payment will serve as a credit for future services. This $200 will be forfeited if a further appointment is missed or cancelled without reasonable notice. You will appreciate that with a large backlog of patients awaiting skin cancer surgery, we need to be able to offer cancelled appointments to others needing cancer treatment. 
Skin checks
This is not a skin check clinic. Dr Dixon manages proven or suspected skin cancer on referral only.
If the appointment is not for a specific skin lesion identified by the referring doctor, the consultation is deemed to be a “skin check” only. Further, if the identified lesion can be managed without requiring removal, a biopsy or any procedure and only a consultation is required at the attendance, - this is deemed to be a "skin check only".
Gap payment for skin check is $150 over Medicare, - even for pensioners, veterans and health care card holders.
Patients will understand that nursing staff and other costs of running a surgical facility continue even in the event that an attendance required no procedure.
After hours / emergency appointments
Gap payment of $130 for all patients including pensioners and health care card holders
Geelong Private Hospital
Our fee for operations at Geelong Private Hospital is the reimbursement schedule set by the BUPA Health Fund**. As such, if you are insured with BUPA you will have no out of pocket payment. Some health funds reimburse a lower fee and in these circumstances you may have a gap between the reimbursement your health fund pays and the reimbursement BUPA pays. Some insurance policies have a "flag fall" arrangement with their customers whenever patients are admitted to hospital. This flag fall payment to the health fund will then apply.
Theatre Fees
$20 for all patients including pensioners & health care card holders – large procedures only.
Pensioners and health care card holders who have private health insurance will be spared this fee when the large procedure is undertaken at Geelong Private Hospital.
Treatments without Medicare numbers / Cosmetic treatments
Some treatments offered at Skincanceronly do not have Medicare item numbers. As such, no component is redeemable from the government and no bulk billing is possible. Such treatments include: total body photography, dermabrasion and some facial treatments. In these circumstances a full payment is required on the day and no refund from Medicare is possible. Pensioners will still receive a 25% discount for such treatments. At times patients request a lesion be removed despite the medical advice that there is no need on medical grounds. The removal is therefore on cosmetic grounds and a premium will apply to such procedures.
Payment is always required in full of day of service.
Failure to pay in full on day of service $30 service fee added
** BUPA health fund is the amalgamation of HBA, MBF and Mutual Community