Skin cancer surgery on referral


Cost of treatment at Skincanceronly

Our pricing policy

Private Health Insurance does not apply regarding consultations and procedures undertaken at our centre.

Patients from overseas and are not subject to Australian Medicare reimbursement will need to examine their own insurance arrangements. Costs of treatment available on application.
We accept VISA, Mastercard and EFTPOS.
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This is a day surgery procedural centre. We have operating theatre nursing staff on duty whenever open. Most procedures are undertaken at the time of initial assessment. Patients will appreciate that there are significant costs associated with providing a service of such immediacy. 



Full payment on the day is required.

Pensioners: Bulk billed by Medicare with some exceptions

Veterans Affairs: Can still enjoy DVA paying their entire account

Health Care Card holders: 10% discount to standard fees

Other patients: A Medicare rebate applies


BUPA or AHSA health fund rates**

                           Medicare refunds approximately 45%   Exceptions 

Geelong Private Hospital operations   BUPA Health fund**  or AHSA rates  Exceptions


Procedures will be bulk billed. Exceptions


Health Care Card holders  10% discount if patient on time & pays in full on day   Exceptions

Veterans Affairs patients     Repat pays total bill  Exceptions - especially regards post operative dressing consumables.

Workcover   Patient pays in full and makes any claims later. See details here.


** BUPA health fund is the amalgamation of HBA, MBF and Mutual Community.

In most cases your fee for surgery at Geelong Private Hospital will be covered fully by your private health insurance. This is usually the case when your insurance company is one of BUPA, Australian Unity, HBF, HCF, ACA, CBHS, Central West, CUA, Defence Health, GMF, HCI,, Health Partners, HIF, Navy Health, onemedifund, PeopleCare, Phoenix, Police Health, Reserve Bank Health, Teachers Health, Doctors Health Fund, Transport Health, Westfund and all other AHSA funds who participate in Access gap cover.


Our experience is that patients insured with one of only three funds find themselves frequently out of pocket when they have surgery at Geelong Private Hospital. Those three funds are GMHBA, Medibank and NIB. Please note that if you are insured with one of these three funds you are likely to have an out of pocket expense for part of the surgical fee.


Sometimes the surgical item number is not known until pathology results have returned. In this situation, the surgery fee is paid in full at the time of the review appointment.