Skin cancer surgery on referral

Appointment cancellation policy

What does Skincanceronly ask of patient's who wish to cancel an appointment?

We understand that sometimes patients need to cancel an appointment.

We simply ask that you notify us as soon as possible and certainly more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

You can notify us 24 hours per day using the form below.

Alternatively ring us business hours on 03 5244 5100

A penalty applies if an appointment is missed or cancelled without one business day’s notice. This penalty is as follows:

  • Pensioners and health care card holders will no longer be discounted. In the event that a patient cancels with insufficient notice.
  • For all patients who cancel within 24 hours, another appointment will not be rescheduled until a $200 advance payment is made.
  • This $200 payment will serve as a credit for future services. You only need to keep your next appointment to avoid any financial loss. 
  • This $200 will be forfeited if a further appointment is missed or cancelled without proper 24 hr + notice.

You will appreciate that with a large backlog of patients awaiting skin cancer surgery, we need to be able to offer cancelled appointments to others needing treatment.

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